Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

This is middle-east ... 2.0

„Zwillinge, da weiß man gleich …“

Der Tyrann und libysche Zwilling, der seine um  Freiheit und Würde kämpfenden Landsleute nur „Ratten“ genannt hat, wird nun selber in seinen unterirdischen Gängen gejagt … der ägyptische Zwilling Mahmoud Salem, der als  bloggender  „Sandaffe“ seinen Landsleuten  Bildung und  – für einen 30 Jährigen -  erstaunliche – politische Weisheit zur Verfügung stellt, dieser Zwilling hat eine Huldigung  an ein Geheimnis  Gott und des Menschen geschrieben:

This is the middle-east …

This is the middle-east: the land of strong men ; iron-willed women, who forge their destiny with sweat, tears  & blood.

This is the middle-east: We were ruled by the inept, the corrupt & the crazy,  killed many of us, and yet we are having the last laugh.

This is the middle-east: We have no problems dying for a cause, if it means our kids will have a brighter future. It's who we are.

This is the middle-east: We can be beat down for a long long time, but we are stubborn as hell & we don't forget.

This is the middle-east: Centuries of conflict, colonization & occupation; Never afraid to fight but always dream of peace.

This is the middle-east: We hijacked the world. Moved you from your complacency. Reminded u that u are human & u have the right to live.

This is the middle-east: It's always been about here. It all begins here, & it all changes here. But rest assured,  it will never end here.

This is the middle-east: We didn't choose to be born here, & we always pay for the sins of our parents. Ours is a generational story. ;)

This is the middle-east: We always seem to affect your world by what we do here. We apologize for any inconvenience. Well, not really!

So, if the idea crosses ur mind, please remember this: Don't try to impose ur rules on us; Rules do not apply here! This is the middle-east!

 This is the Middle-East: The sacred land of Divine Revelation. God chose us for a reason, it's our quest to know why

It's called the Middle-east. The Middle of everything. The Center of the world. The Eye of the perpetual shit-storm! ;) It's our curse!

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