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Little Mars Lead War Back - Embrace the Day

4. 16 - 25. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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16. Week

The fundamental Jewish contempt
of non-Jews as 'Goy'  appears to me 
like reptilian. An indication of  the reptilian
layer of the psyche, more or less thick, we
 all share, with more or less dense coatings
of warmbloodness around
as super-conscious and under-conscious

Human consciousness is horizontal,
i.e. the zodiacal man is the middle
 mirror between heaven and earth
spirit and gravity.

16. Week 2018

mundanomaniac – Dokumente – Horoskope –
Horoskope neu – Strukturen – Spiegel -  Wochen 2018

16. week 2018

The previous, this and the next are
Mars-weeks of  the waiver
o the big outburst

Venus - Jupiter
Mars + Pluto

since March 18. till May 17.
we have the Mars-in-Capricorn-weeks
of the smallest possible Mars
and last week likewise
tho most explosive Venus-Week
of each year since 1802
this time with emptied warehouses
as appearently ageed target
of a feint attack currently tempering the
warmongers of the west

in the game of the possible

according to the rules of the north
at the stage of the west
belonging to the west

14. 4.  4:38 
Impacts in Damaskus

Venus exactly at the Mars of the earth-element
of the Kings-conjunction of 1802
this Mars is the periodicly visited
permanently 'build-in' fuse
of the earth-element
between 1802 and 2577

therefore it is most reasonable
what the president with the small hands
and the children-friend in Moscow
staged last Saturday
for the little
as common professional 
tightrope act
in the mirror of heaven and earth
thank God
and more so in prayer

now tomorrow Thursday the union
of Mars with Pluto's
mercy which he grants as clarity of the soul
upon waiver of the part of the whole
deserving to the
the ancestors
the old and the young ones

which waiver it to visit in Donbass and Syria
and in many a matrimony
 as rebirth of man
in the moved storm
of bold daughters
and solemn dancing sons


and the heart
donating god of the center
in the wild urge for light of Aries
in this today is united with
beyond expectance
to be embraced with contemplation
 like every heavenly free bird in brain
called 'idea'



Goddess of building stock and camp

passing Mars 
of the earth-element since 1802
in the night of April 14

it's the Mars of the earth-quarter
of all and everything stable
being but not moving
 on Earth
(within the gravity of the Sun)
for the
entire period
1802 and 2577

call it our deep collective
earthen part in the depth
of flesh and Psyche
kind of OS

Damaskus 14. 4. 2018

now watch, what happened 2 days two days
before 'doomsday'
below and above
our unconscious

C. Jung: the unconscious unconsciousness
filled with psychoid entities
from the beginning
he calles them Archetypes

C.G.Jung = fire of Uranus

C.G. Jung 

with this very day and moment

well, back to  Wednesday April 12
two days before ...

Wednesday evening two days before ...

you see mangod of the fire -element
of 1603
red Uranus
man's invisible unexpected spiritual wings
called 'prayers'
man's hearts goodwill
good enough to overcome Sodom
embraced by Venus

and two days later 
deep in the early Saturday night
the new day on earth

never forget
the 16,9° Taurus remains loaded
till 2577

the consciousness of the actors
and watchers
seems to have been
clear enough this time
given the mass of
inflamable matter
called 'securities'
under Taurus of this northern hemisphere having been
collected and will be collected around this dangerous igniter
16,9° still for more centuries
and might be guarded by small and
big drumms

in the 'Week after'
with Venus we are allowed 
as reward for the waiver for stupidity

to enjoy the pleasure of be-polar being
in one's own camp

in resonance with Jupiter in Scorpio


and Mercury is beginning
to move forward again
through Aries
blind and early 
old and new
of spring in the world and in soul
and  spirit

and Mars
in the true government of the heavely
which is not being played
open to public
but in the hearts
leads war back again
to measure

according to the word
which was with God in the beginning

now let's have a good time and thank God
and him in us with Uranus
and our cosmic family

today - one week after 

Entwurf: 15. 4. 2018, UTC 16:32.

Murnau, 16. 4. 2018 (* Charlie Chaplin)
UTC 15:39.

In English 4. 19. 2018 UTC: 18:31


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