Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019


12:00 UTC

thee arrows

26. 2. 1954 Istanbul
AM 4:25

7. 10. 1952, Leningrad

14. 6. 1946, Jamaica NJ
UTC 14:54

To begin with the third, who was the first: Overwhelming is the wave of conciliatory
intensity, the Donald receives with 3x Jupiter, even 2 times  with the Sun (his and of the day). Jupiter always owns the miracles of reconciliation - ultimately with God.

Also  Erdogan's Jupiter has   major resonance with his Sun and other seven rulers of his zodiac. 
'His'  toppler Uranus is met by Pluto's opposition signifying time for new origin and  a kind of cleaning (Neptune)off projections in nation- (Cancer) affairs.
Eventually Mercury is uniting his Light with 'Erdo's Saturn. 'Communicating' and fiting stability.

The latter moment, stability,  is the overwhelming  dominant aspect in VVP's Transit.
Saturn = stability, resonating with his heart Sun
Pluto = sacrifice, resonating with his character = Saturn
Both in his way   of burgeoning coming realities.

Murnau, 10.22.ö2019, UTC 21:12.

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