Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

In Uncharted Area - US - Rednecks Coming Strong

in uncharted area: USA

2014 - 2021

 since Nov. 4. 2016 it's Cancer = redneck's time, why? Cancer is fruitfull water of the family. And Mars is rising ire in the families and audacy arises in the hearts with Sun, and sacrifice for the greater man calls from heaven into the fifth mirror of earth

now the America

"The Hill"
2012 - 2019

Seven years on warpath

since March fly-over-land in the center - Sun - of expression of strength
of "the rednecks" and their tribes = Venus

Still no time for conciliation - look at Jupiter: still a bud  not in time

 Just sayin'

2. 9. 2017, UTC 20:12

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