Freitag, 23. Februar 2018

With God or the Chosen Ones

the west

under God

you might be a guest
or a colonialist

the former doesn't touch
the later destrois
the religion of the place

the religion of the place
human ability
to worship invisible
within them

is destroyed of the later

today the poetess of the maidan
gives a rare voice in the daily noise
embraced by my heart:

as I look ashamed on the lyrics of my heart
2011, Tunesia, Egypt, Libya -
and my lyriks from the students of November on ...
then the first flash in the new faschistic ruled

and my moderate  first break -  Syria

I thought Assad?  is a given by the culture
with good an bad sides
there isn' anything else
like seemigly Libya

I cant' change it and my soul
isn's asked

reality weighs more
than abstract moral guts

so I forgot all of it
except :  the Washington-demons
in 9'11

like 500 years before around flying around Rome

and awoke 2013 
one name 
awoke me

then Maidan
and Krim
and Donbass

time has begun for living saints
like their brother
Vladimir and his buddhist and muslim
armed friends
each one the same in stile

now the world 
each place  in it's style
is beginning to deal with
these three pairs of wings

and to successively
changing into original skin
of the place

and America  is discovering
it's hidden dream 
to become red again
in the unchangable spirit
 of small comunities
on the continentcontinent
on a long yourney
 beyond times
colonized by the coasts
back to safe brotherhoods
and sisterhoods

here we are back with the beginning of this poesy

guest or

with God 
the chosen

Murnau, 2. 23. 2018, UTC: 16:05.


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