Samstag, 22. Juni 2019

Miss Merkels Tremor

 6. 18. 2019

17. 7. 1954, UTC 16:57
Transit 6. 18. 2019

It’s a Mars-Work, the tremor, energy,- working muscles.
Sun = daylight  of heart  resonates  with Angela’s Mars exactly, while the listening to the hymn beneath the official Clown of Kiew.
'Her' Pusher Mars pushes the supplanted truths up to surface. Consciousness-stress by the liar‘s ceremony, showing the 'gods' in us are not 'ours' but psycho/physically autonomous archetypal movers and shakers.
It’s an earth-saving stress on that person embedded in the lies oft he past 70 years.
Absolute stress to 'her' Sun(+ cleaner Neptune+ toppler Uranus) by opposing Pluto presenting the necessity for waiver in every healthy life-circle in honor of the passed and in favor of  coming generations.

Murnau, 6. 22. 2019.UTC 16:59.

Remember Napoleon, remember Adolf Hitler, praise, for another moment , Donald Trump.

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  1. Moinsen,lieber Bruder!
    Was ist ein "toppler"?

    Und: Hast Du mitbekommen, daß sie in 2017 in Mexiko exakt beim Hören der deutschen Hymne schon mal so einen Shaker hatte?

    Interessant jedenfalls ... danke.
    Und beste Grüße - auch an die Liebste,