Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2019

Accepting Vanities' Humiliation - Jupiter + Sun in Capricorn

 12. 23. 2019 - 1. 1. 2020
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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I forgot
its Wednesday today 
because  of Christmas
and now my time is short
hence the essence is
in demand

52. week

in my Imagination the simile of the corral bank to consciousness,  as being something shortly underneath the surface of the waves of consciousness, immense old,  still living on top-level  simile to a 'child' like  still living zodiacal  age-old 'corral-bank'   giving the simile of  a 'stony' focus of God's order  in natural things

it's Mercury
brain and speaker
will be
in the focus with the heart and center
on all three floors of the element
at 26 + 27° Sagittarius

while Sun + Jupiter
like feeling + meaning
soul's flame and spirit's shine
two fires are meeting 
at weekend

This meeting happens in front of the background of a pure Saturn in Capricorn clipping  the hedges
of Summer to the Order of four -chambered time, constantly spinning, constantly marrying Nature; clipping assisted by brother Pluto, cutting the  tendrils of  savor, lust and freedom to save the code each year

Venus keeps traveling the birds ways
and the thoughts ways
and her ruler Aquarius
who our fathers painted as 
 mangod the outpourer
currently pouring in the darkness
of those who
are fed by the kingdom of  green 
while being in his realm  heaven 
is hence being beyond borders 

Mars  in turn
zodiacal man's expansive charge
will stll keep remaining
 in his sub- mission under the 
order of Pluto in Capricorn
hence enforcing necessary borders
in the world of imagination

Bottom-line personal actors:

Mercury, Brain and  the meaning of spiritual fire 
Venus, Security and balance = in the "WATERS ABOVE HEAVEN"
Mars, Rage, = in the guard of the species
Sun, heart = and the royal emotion pro order
Moon = the shadow of everyday life; spirit knocking at the doors of feeling

Murnau, 12. 25. 2019, UTC: 18:19.


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