Freitag, 11. Februar 2011


11. 02. 20. 11, 17:07 LMT 


Kairo – Getwitter,  2011 02 11

80 million egyptians, 80 million stories of revolution. Congrats to all of us. #jan25

My aunt-who lives next to Mubarak- told me the guards started firing in celebration the moment he left. REVOLUTION! #JAN25

We just handed out beer to everyone in the street. Revolution korba is toasting mubarak's departure :) #jan25

The police is nowhere to be seen. Let's hope they left as well. #jan25

Feb 11 is Historic day in Egypt! We will celebrate it forever! :) #jan25

To everyone who rediculed us, opposed us, wanted us to compromise, i say: YOU ARE WELCOME :) TODAY WE ALL CELEBRATE!!! #JAN25

MennaAmr The best part? He stepped down on the day dedicated to the martyrs. Their lives were not lost in vain. 11/2/2011 #jan25 #victory

Gemyhood RT @shadysamir: Wikipedia article on #Mubarak already edited saying he WAS the president of Egypt! #jan25

Peopke jumping up and down. Everyone hugging. We did it. I wanna cry from happiness. #jan25

Honsy quit . We won. We won :) #jan25

Am Sonntag danach …
One flyer being distributed on Saturday put it this way:
"Today this country is your country. Do not litter. Don't drive through traffic lights. Don't bribe. Don't forge paperwork. Don't drive the wrong way. Don't drive quickly to be cool while putting lives at risk. Don't enter through the exit door at the metro. Don't harass women. Don't say, 'It's not my problem.' Consider God in your work. We have no excuse anymore."

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