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Let's all drink ... to the death of a clown

Jim Morrison 

8.12.1943, UTC 15:55, Melbourne FL USA
Jim Morrison

C.G.Jung war schließlich  durch viele Erfahrungen davon überzeugt, dass uns in Gestalt der Seele ein Wesen innewohnt, das nicht an Raum und Zeit gebunden ist.
Morrisons Seele hätte demnach schon lange "gewusst", dass ihr Träger mit 27 sterben - aber irgendwie weiter "wesen" - würde ...
 Wie auch immer: seine Seele zeugt in seiner  Lyrik auch von den Schrecken seines Geburtsjahres. Wie denn sonst sollen die Toten des Jahres 1943 Raum und Stimme bekommen, wenn nicht in den Texten der kindlichen Zeugen ihrer Opfergänge.

Aus der letzten Veröffentlichung 7 Jahre nach Jims Tod:

Lament for my cock

Sore and crucified

I seek to know you

Aquiring soulful wisdom

You can open walls of mystery


How to aquire death in the morning show

TV death which the child absorbs

Deathwell mystery which makes me write

Slow train, the death of my cock gives life

Forgive the poor old people who gave us entry

Taught us god in the child's praye in the night

Guitar player

Ancient wise satyr

Sing your ode to my cock

Caress it's lament

Stiffen and guide us, we frozen

Lost cells

The knowledge of cancer

To speak to the heart

And give the great gift

Words Power Trance

this stable friend and the beast of his zoo

Wild haired chicks

Women flowering in their summit

Monsters of skin

Each color connects

to create the boat

which rocks the race

Could any hell be more horrible

than now

and real?

I pressed her thigh and death smiled

death, old friend

death and my cock are the world

I can forgive my injuries in the name of

Wisdom Luxury Romance

Sentence upon sentence

Words are the healing lament

For the death of my cock's spirit

Has no meaning in the soft fire

Words got me the wound and will get me well

I you believe it

All join now and lament the death of my cock

A tounge of knowledge in the feathered night

Boys get crazy in the head and suffer

I sacrifice my cock on the alter of silence

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Und da wir grade dabei sind - eine große Sangesschwester, 7 Jahre jünger, noch immer kreativ und lebendig - folgt Jim mit ihrem heutigen Geburtstag am 9. Dezember: die ergreifende Joan Armatrading 

 9.12.1950, Basseterre, St. Kitts, Joan Armatrading


I may not be your best
But you know good ones
Don't come by the score
If you've got something missing
I'll help you look
You can be sure

And if you want to be alone
Or someone to share a laugh
Whatever you want to do
All you got to do is ask

Don't go under the sheets
Under a tree
In the rain and snow
I'll be your fireside
Come running to me
When things get out of hand
Running to me
When it's more than you can stand

I said I'm strong
To be a shelter
In a storm
Your willow
Oh willow
When the sun is out

A fight with your best girl
Prettiest thing you ever saw
You know I'll listen
Try to get a message to her

And if it's money you want
Or trouble halved
Whatever you want me to do
All you got to do is ask

I said I'm strong
To be a shelter
In a storm
Your willow
Oh willow
When the sun is out

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